Ric Flair Thought He Died While Getting High With Mike Tyson

Ric Flair shocked

Ric Flair has had some genuine near-death experiences throughout his life due to his career and his lifestyle, but one incident with Mike Tyson blew most of those other situations out of the water.

Although Ric Flair is well known for his work in the wrestling industry, he has tried many times in his life to venture into other ventures once his involvement with wrestling came to an end.

One of his newest projects has seen Flair team with Mike Tyson as they looked to enter the cannabis industry, especially as the legality of its usage appears to be changing on a state-by-state basis in the US.

Ric Flair got so high with Mike Tyson that he couldn’t tell if he was alive or dead

In a recent interview with This Past Weekend, Flair discussed how he consumed so much cannabis that he went into what he called a “cannabis coma” and had such a delay in his perception and processing of information that he thought he was either dead or dying.

“I got so high with Mike [Mike Tyson] one night in the Hamptons that I went into a cannabis coma. I actually thought I died.

They brought my back to my room, and I laid there and I wasn’t aware of anything. I kept asking them to touch me, like you do when you think you’ve been hurt. People were squeezing my hand. I would be talking to them, and they wouldn’t talk back to me. I was on a delayed process. I said to myself, ‘Did I die? Have I just died?”

Additionally, Flair compared this to being in a medically-induced coma, which he endured in 2017 when dealing with a multitude of kidney and heart-related health problems.

“I feel like I did when I was in my coma, but I can think, and I don’t think I could think in my coma.’ That’s the way I was talking to myself. All of a sudden, at three in the morning, I sat up in a blur and went, ‘I’m alive. I’m back.’ I called someone on the phone, ‘is this really you?’ That’s how screwed up I got.”

Flair has shown his dedication to his Nature Boy life style many times and caught many of his longtime friends and peers off guard, including the time he allegedly told Hulk Hogan to get him a six-pack of beer as soon as he awoke from life-saving surgery.

h/t Fightful