Ric Flair Says He “Loves” Vince McMahon

Ric Flair stares down Vince McMahon

Ric Flair has commented on the latest situation regarding Vince McMahon and says McMahon is “entitled to whatever he wants” and that he loves him.

The former WWE Chairman has been back in the headlines after it emerged two victims of alleged sexual assault of McMahon have launched new claims for compensation. One of those involved is former WWE referee Rita Chatterton who alleges that she was raped by Vince McMahon in the eighties and is now seeking over $11 million in damages.

Speaking on his To Be The Man podcast, Ric Flair was asked about the latest unfolding situation but says he has nothing negative to say about McMahon:

“Well, you know, you’re not going to get a negative word out of me. I love Vince McMahon. And I think that I think he should, you know, he’s entitled to whatever he wants. And, you know, shame on the people that don’t think so. He built it, nobody else built it, nobody helped him. He fought every war.”

Ric Flair also went on to continue his ongoing war of words with Eric Bischoff, referring to the former WCW President as an “arrogant dick.”

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