“I Thought I Was Going To Die” – Ric Flair Recalls His Scary WWE Raw 25th Anniversary Experience

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A recent story told by Ric Flair reveals that he thought he was going to die at around the time of the 25th anniversary of WWE Monday Night Raw in 2018.

Ric Flair has had several near-death experiences in his life including a plane crash in the 1970s that killed other people that were on his plane and a health scare in 2017 that put him in the hospital for a long period with doubts about whether he would survive.

Flair also had a rough experience competing in his last wrestling match in July 2022 when he apparently dehydrated and passed out during the match. Despite that, Flair wants to have yet another match although it’s unknown if that’s going to happen.

On a recent episode of his To Be The Man podcast, Ric Flair was talking about numerous things like his pick for the 2023 Royal Rumble as well as the upcoming 30th anniversary of Raw special that’s taking place on January 23rd. That led to Flair recalling a scary health incident from Raw’s 25th anniversary in 2018. Flair first spoke about his Royal Rumble picks.

“Oh god, can I make my predictions next week? I didn’t watch enough of Raw last night and I need to watch Raw, and won’t be watching much of Raw next week darn it. I would have to catch up on it. But to me, it’s all gonna depend on who’s healthy. I mean, on the women’s side, it could be Rhea, it could be Becky, it could be Bayley. I mean, I don’t know.”

“Now on the men’s side it could be well, I don’t think Randy is back. Cody would be my favourite. I’d love to see Cody win and go into a big match. And if Steve (Austin) came, holy cow. I mean, that would be the coup de grace if Steve showed up. So I would really love that. I’m just looking forward to seeing him at 23 [23rd January].”

That led to story time with the Nature Boy as Ric Flair recalled a health scare during the Raw 25th reunion in 2018.

“At the last reunion at 25, I had just gotten out of the hospital and I hadn’t really drank that much at all. Hell I was with Austin and I had 10 micheladas, went upstairs and had an anxiety attack and I thought I was gonna die. I woke up, was fine, so I did it again the next day.”

“I can’t wait for the 30 reunion with Hogan. I said Hulk go in early. We’ll get drunk. [Hulk said no] Jesus Christ I mean, we might not be here for 31.”

While WWE has not officially announced the big names appearing at the 30th anniversary of Raw, it is likely that some of the big names like The Undertaker, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, Kurt Angle and many others will be there.