Ric Flair On The Road Rage That Became A WWE Storyline

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Ric Flair has commented about a road arrest that ended up being part of a WWE storyline with Flair guessing who helped get it onto television.

It was in November 2005 right before American Thanksgiving when Ric Flair, who was a WWE superstar at the time, had a road rage incident that led to him being arrested and a mugshot was posted online after it happened.

As longtime WWE fans from that era might remember, Flair’s arrest was used on television with Edge (and girlfriend Lita) mocking Flair for the arrest. It even led to a segment on Raw where Edge parodied Flair while driving on a highway, he left the car while in a Flair robe (complete with a wig) and beat up the guy in the other car.

On a recent episode of his “To Be The Man” podcast on AdFreeShows, Ric Flair spoke about the road rage incident at length while noting that another driver gave him a middle finger salute and started yelling at him.

“I was coming back from England and I hadn’t drank all the way on the plane. It was Thanksgiving Eve. So Mark, Megan’s ex, picked me up. I was with Tiffany (Ric’s third wife) and we’re driving home. I hadn’t had a drink, so I was driving at warp speed. I slept all the way home. That’s the first time I slept in days.”

“This car was next to me and I tried to pass. I had just bought a brand new Cayenne, the turbo SUV, which was probably one of the hottest cars in the market then. I went to pass him. Finally, I went around him and he came up behind me and rolled down the window, gave me the finger, and started screaming at me.”

“He takes a full beer can and throws it at the door of my new car. Boom. I mean, I just went into, you know, I just got off a plane. I’m not doing anything wrong, and I thought oh my God.”

Ric Flair continued to talk about the road rage incident, Flair claimed that he just pushed the guy.

“As it happens, and you’ve gone into Charlotte before, it goes from eight lanes, to six, to four, to two at the bottleneck as you start to go into the city. I never lost sight of the guy and Tiffany kept saying, ‘I know what you’re going to do.’ I said, ‘I’m not going to do anything.’”

:I just kept him in my rearview mirror, and when we got to two and we were jammed in traffic, I got out of the car and I walked over to him. He was two lanes over. He opened the door and he had a tire tool in his hands. I may have just pushed him or something.”

As he continued, Ric Flair explained how the incident made television even though he had nothing to do with it.

“About a week later, I got a call from the police department and they said, ‘Ric, we have a warrant for your arrest. Do you want to just come in and we can work this out and we’ll walk you through it?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ But it made major news across the country and Vince of course made that skit with Edge on TV which was hilarious.”

“That really got over with the D.A. too by the way. ‘So you’re making fun of it.’ I said, ‘No sir. Not me. I have no control over creative at Stamford.’ It was probably Prichard.”

The video of Edge mocking Flair is below. A little tidbit about this is that the guy that Edge beat up in the other car is WWE’s Mr. Stone from NXT, who is a manager now. Earlier in his career, he was known as Robbie E. in TNA Wrestling. This was very early in Robbie’s wrestling career.

H/t to WrestlingNewsCo