Ric Flair Opens Up About His Outrageous Daily Alcohol Drinking

Ric Flair Opens Up About His Outrageous Daily Alcohol Drinking

WWE Hall of Famer and current AEW star Ric Flair recently opened up about the toll heavy drinking took on his health throughout his illustrious career. The 16-time world champion, known for his flamboyant persona both in and out of the ring, revealed shocking details about his alcohol consumption, shedding light on the challenges he faced due to his lifestyle choices.

Speaking candidly on The Dan LeBatard Show on ESPN Radio, Ric Flair traced the origins of his drinking habits back to the early days of his wrestling journey in 1972. He painted a vivid picture of the wrestling culture of that era, characterised by long road trips, camaraderie, and copious amounts of alcohol. Flair reminisced about driving thousands of miles per week, tossing beer cans out the window, with little regard for the consequences.

I just drank too much, but the problem is, is that when I started in the business in 1972, we drove 3,000 miles a week, we drank beer, rode down the road, threw the cans out the window, all this stuff. No cops. It was just a way of life.

The wrestling legend didn’t shy away from revealing the extent of his alcohol intake, admitting to consuming a staggering “20 drinks a day” at the peak of his career. He further stunned listeners by quantifying his daily intake to be between “3,700 and 4,000 calories worth of booze, soda, or a splash of cranberry,” providing a sobering glimpse into the lifestyle he led. Despite his excessive drinking, Flair outlined certain self-imposed rules, such as abstaining from alcohol before matches and refraining from drinking on days with multiple wrestling appearances.

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