Ric Flair Believes His Long-Lost Brother Only Wants To Meet Him Because Of Who He Is

Ric Flair WWE

Ric Flair has shot down the idea of meeting a long-lost brother that supposedly wants to meet the Nature Boy.

When you’re a 16-time time former World Champion like Ric Flair in pro wrestling (more titles than that if you ask him), a lot of people want to meet you. That includes somebody that is a blood relative that you’ve never met.

Ric Flair was born in Memphis, Tennessee and he was adopted by parents that moved to Minnesota, which is where he grew up. Once he became an adult, he became a pro wrestler and for the last 50+ years, Flair has built a legacy as one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time.

Earlier this week, a new documentary aired about Flair’s life on Peacock called: “Wooo! Becoming Ric Flair.” After he watched the documentary, Flair praised it on a recent episode of his podcast.

“I thought it was very fair, very good. I thought, once again with the exception of Bischoff, I was thrilled at what some of the people had to say.”

“I’m just overwhelmed with what Austin said, ‘Taker. Those are my friends, you know. To have that many celebrities, I’m close with Stephen A, I guess I just look at it and say, ‘These are all my friends. How lucky am I?’”

During the documentary, Flair revealed that his birth name was Fred Phillips, which he didn’t know until three years ago. Flair said that his birth mother was a nurse while his birth father was an architect. Ric’s real name with his adopted family is Richard Fliehr.

Also in the documentary, the 73-year-old Flair spoke about learning about a man that got in touch that has the same birth mother as him. Flair is apparently not interested in meeting this man.

“I don’t have any curiosity. I’ve got enough to be curious about, without someone I’ve never met in my life and meet him now at 73. What are we going to talk about? Ruin our life?”

“He probably only wants to meet me because I’m what I am, whoever I am…if that makes sense.”

While Ric has no interest in meeting his brother, Ric has four children of his own including his daughter Charlotte Flair. Ric recently called her the greatest women’s wrestler of all time and has said on several occasions that he thinks she is better than he is as a pro wrestler too.

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