Ric Flair Believes Kevin Dunn Is “Not Going Anywhere”

Ric Flair

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has explained why he doesn’t see loyal Vince McMahon ally leaving WWE despite the new regime in charge.

In terms of television, Kevin Dunn was Vince McMahon’s right-hand man as WWE’s long-time Executive Vice President, Television Production. With McMahon stepping down from his role as WWE Chairman in July 2022, many wondered what that meant for Dunn’s future with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon now running the show.

Someone who was considered at one time Dunn’s “heir apparent” Mike Mansury recently joined AEW as their new Senior Vice President & Co-Executive Producer. Ric Flair discussed that hire on his To Be The Man podcast, and during the discussion, he stated his view that he doesn’t see Kevin Dunn leaving his role in WWE anytime soon:

“That’s a big hire for Tony (Khan). I’m glad to hear that. Here’s what happened with Mike, he was going to replace Kevin Dunn, but people don’t understand, Kevin ain’t going anywhere. He’s got it as bad as I’ve had it. I just spoke with him yesterday, why would he walk away from something he enjoys?”

“That’s what saddens me about Vince (McMahon). Not that Hunter [Triple H] and Stephanie (McMahon) were taking over, but when you do something like that for so long, like myself, it’s hard to walk away from. Mike is great, I’m happy for him, that’s a big deal for Tony. Congratulations.”

Mansury’s hiring is behind AEW’s decision to debut a new look to both their Dynamite and Rampage shows with Tony Khan recently revealing when fans can expect to see that.

h/t Fightful