Ric Flair Reveals “Housewives Of Wrestling” Show In The Works

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Ric Flair has revealed there may be some new television shows featuring some notable wives of pro wrestlers.

When it comes to Ric Flair, two things he knows a lot about are wrestling and wives. After all, the Nature Boy is a man that is one of the most famous pro wrestlers ever who happens to be a 16-time World Champion. Ric also has been married and divorced four times along with a fifth relationship that could be featured on this new show.

On the latest episode of his To Be The Man podcast, Ric Flair revealed that there are talks for some WWE and AEW husband-wife teams to be featured on a new reality show called the Housewives of Wrestling.

“You’re not going to believe this. I hope this isn’t breaking news. FOX and Netflix are looking at picking up the ‘Housewives of Wrestling.’ It’s Randy’s wife [Kim Orton], Kurt’s wife [Giovanna Angle], Wendy [Barlow], and Jake Hager’s wife [Catalina Hager]. The reel came out so good. They’re looking at it.”

Kim Orton and Giovanna Angle used to do a podcast called the Wives of Wrestling in 2022 that stopped being produced last August. Hager obviously works for AEW while Orton works for WWE and Angle appears periodically for WWE.

The Wendy that Flair is referring to is Wendy Barlow, who Ric has been with for many years.

As he continued, Ric Flair spoke about how Wendy was asked to write about her life story with him while crediting the recent Peacock documentary about his life.

“Here’s another one, and why I’ve got to be able to myself. She just got a check to write her life story with me. Yeah, they gave her a hell of a bump up front. This damn documentary got everybody talking.”

If the shows do happen, it would be interesting to see how WWE and AEW stars could be on the same show or if they would choose to go with other wrestling couples.

H/T Fightful