Ric Flair Expresses Confusion Over MJF Turning Face


WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair knows a little something about being a bad guy and that could be why he’s confused about AEW seemingly turning MJF into a good guy.

For much of his AEW run – ever since he kicked Cody Rhodes squarely south of the belt – MJF has been loathed by the AEW audience. His arrogance, superiority complex, willingness to cheat, and sheer commitment to his on-air persona had many labelling him as one of the best heels of the modern age. And then he called AEW President Tony Khan “a f*cking mark” live on TV and things began to change.

MJF spent the summer on hiatus from AEW after that comment and when he revealed his return at All Out, all of a sudden the crowd response to The Salt of the Earth became a lot more positive.

Since then MJF has somewhat played into those cheers despite not changing his character – much in the way Steve Austin did in WWE in 1997. The Long Island native cut such a passionate promo on William Regal that fans in attendance resorted to booing the beloved Englishman.

On Dynamite in Norfolk, Virginia it looks like MJF’s turn to the good side could be complete after he fired The Firm for attacking Jon Moxley and then was viciously beaten by the group as well.

Now speaking on his To Be The Man podcast – courtesy of AdFreeShows – Ric Flair has given his thoughts on MJF being a babyface and questions why that move needs to happen:

“Here’s my take, I’m a little different. I don’t see why he has to be a babyface. If you’ve got a great heel, leave him alone. I mean, why turn him babyface, to get a rating? Deep down the fan base loves him as a heel. You love him as a heel, I love him as a heel. Why make him a babyface? Because it’s wrestling 101? Get the highest heel as high as you can and then turn into a face?”

“It makes no sense, I would leave him as a heel all day long. And he’s a real good worker and great talker like you said. As a matter of fact, I like Punk as a heel. I do like Punk as a heel. When you could talk down to people and you can get away with it and pull it off and make them mad, that’s what it’s all about. You know, who wants to be a good guy?”

h/t Inside The Ropes