Ric Flair Claims He Wasn’t Drunk During Restaurant Clash

Ric Flair

Ric Flair has commented on his unfortunate restaurant outburst, admitting he shouldn’t have lost his temper but maintains he was not drunk.

On May 5th, Ric Flair took to social media to call out staff at Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza in Gainesville, Florida after being asked to leave the restaurant. In the post, Flair said he encouraged to leave because of an “issue” with the kitchen manager taking too long in the bathroom.

With the incident showing no sign of going away, footage has now emerged of Ric Flair clashing with a member of the restaurant staff. In the clip, Flair insists he’s done nothing wrong, but then refers to a member of staff as “d*ckhead,” and tells another staff member he’ll tip them $1000 if they tell the person he’s arguing with to “kiss my ass.”

As the video continues, Flair takes issue with being told he won’t be served any more alcohol but repeats he’s only got an issue with the one member of staff. He proceeds to call the person in question “dipsh*t” twice. Growing increasingly annoyed Flair tells the staff member to “talk to him outside like a man.” In response, the person says they won’t as they’re “on the clock.” Flair replies they’re on the “p*ssy clock.”

Ric Flair Details Bar Disagreement

Speaking on the MJ Morning Show on Q105, Ric Flair has further explained his side of the story and admitted he was wrong for losing his temper:

All I can tell you is that I had a disagreement with apparently a kitchen employee in the bathroom, which no one was around. Just me and him. The two people that were tending bar were very nice. I gave them a $1000 tip. It was two people I had not met prior to coming out of the bathroom and they said that I was out line.

I said, ‘How would you know? You weren’t in there.’ It escalated. I was wrong for getting mad. I thought I was defending my position. I was with my wife and my step-daughter, who has a degree in criminology, she was so scared she ran out the door.

I was wrong for losing my temper. When I feel like I’m put in an area where I’m uncomfortable and all of a sudden everything fell apart. I got upset. I was wrong for getting upset. I probably should have walked out the door. It caught me off guard. We were having a wonderful time. Someone in the kitchen said I did something wrong in the bathroom. There was no one there except me and him.

Flair added that he was cut off from drinking after he emerged from the bathroom but contended that he was not drunk:

After I came out of the bathroom they were, yes (they cut me off). Not prior to that. I was drinking Mich Ultra and I probably had two mix drinks.

h/t Fightful