Ric Flair Blasts Jealousy After AEW Debut

Ric Flair WWE Hall of Fame

Ric Flair believes others are jealous of his new deal with AEW.

On November 2nd, it was announced that Ric Flair had signed a new multi-year deal with the promotion. The deal is said to be for two years.

The agreement will see Flair’s Wooooo! Energy become the official energy drink of AEW.

Speaking to Marc Raimondi for ESPN, Flair said he didn’t know whether the new deal would see him become a regular on AEW TV. The veteran recently made his debut with the promotion, appearing as a “gift” for Sting.

Flair added that while he’s been treated well by AEW, some are jealous of his new-found role.

“I don’t know. I mean, we’ve got a structured deal in place, but you know me. Have gun will travel if they need me. I’m available and they will always treat me fair. We all want to be together for the show and the guys were great. People were friendly.

At my age, the world of jealousy has never been bigger. You don’t think there’s a lot of jealous people that I’m back on TV? You’re out of your mind. You know that adage that you want to see somebody do good, but not too good.”

WWE Turned Down New Ric Flair Deal

Ric Flair’s new deal with AEW comes after his relationship with WWE appeared to be better than it had been in some time. The Nature Boy appeared on the 30th-anniversary episode of Raw in January, before inducting the Great Muta into the WWE Hall of Fame, although reportedly not everyone was happy with his speech.

During the same interview with ESPN, Ric Flair revealed he actually discussed the new energy drink deal with WWE before deciding to take it to AEW. Flair said WWE turned down the deal due to its recent merger with UFC, as a result, he turned to AEW.

H/t to WrestlingNews.Co