“He Walked Right By Me” – Ric Flair Details Backstage Heat With Seth Rollins

Ric Flair WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has detailed the issues he has gone through with Seth Rollins and says Rollins is “mad” at him.

Ric Flair has had his ups and downs with WWE in recent years with one point of contention being Becky Lynch referring to herself as ‘The Man’ in the company which triggered an argument over copyright and royalties.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Flair revealed that the incident has caused some bad blood between him and Lynch’s husband, Seth Rollins. Flair notes that he admires Rollins’ in-ring work and appreciates that he is simply taking his wife’s side as he should:

“Seth Rollins is a damn good worker. He’s mad at me because I’ve been up and down with his wife but I don’t really care. He ain’t me [Flair laughed]. I can say that. He’s good but he ain’t me. I got no problem with saying that. He walked right by me at an autograph session. I thought you gotta be kidding me. Because of you and Becky [Lynch] and this ‘Man’ trademark, you’re gonna ignore me, pal? Wow. I went, ‘Okay.’ I’m sitting by Taker, I said, ‘I guess I’m on timeout.’”

“I’m not mad at him. Everybody should take their wife’s side in any debate there is… It’s not worth it. You’re gonna take their side and I totally understand that and as long as that’s come and gone but that was a sensitive point for me. To be the man, write a book called ‘Be the Man’, a best seller. Yet, and then using it in promotional commercials of mine to call her ‘The Man’, I don’t know and all I ask for, I just said, ‘Guys, where’s my royalty?’ That was a big argument. I’ve been saying that since 1981 before anyone was born.”

“So, doesn’t matter now and I swear to God, I don’t have it in me and I’m too happy to be upset with anybody. I’m elated. It’s the holidays. I’m not mad at Seth, I think he’s a great worker. I’ll tell you what, I’m so proud of him for… he and Cody Rhodes had two of the best matches of the year I think. He and Cody Rhodes tore it down and he was unselfish as hell, he put Cody over like a million bucks and Cody needed that shot. The only way he could get over is if he knocked off a big dog and Seth, you know, did it the right way.”

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