Rhea Ripley Tells Women “Spoil Your Kings” As Prison Dom Runs From Cops

Rhea Ripley Dominik Mysterio

Rhea Ripley has told women to “spoil their kings” after she splashed out on Valentine’s Dinner as she and Dominik Mysterio tries to ruin the holidays for Rey Mysterio once again.

Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio are making a habit of trying to upset Dominik’s mother and father, with a WWE crew capturing The Judgment Day pair dishing out a beating to Rey Mysterio in his own home at Thanksgiving back in November 2022.

At Christmas, the pair attempted to repeat the trick but the Mysterios were prepared and called the police, who took Dominik Mysterio away for his long stretch in the penitentiary. Now, with love in the air on Valentine’s Day, Dominik and his mami tried once again to cause problems by taking Rey and Angie’s table at a restaurant.

Rey Mysterio and his wife nobly gave way to avoid a fight but when Dominik’s credit card declined, and he saw the cops enter the establishment “the most wanted man on TikTok” split, leaving Ripley to pick up the bill.

Rhea Ripley then took issue with those on social media commenting on the fact that she picked up the tab and urged women to “spoil their kings” as well:

“The audacity of everyone getting caught up on me paying the bill and overlooking the point that Rey & Angie are self-centered… Don’t be one of those girls that expect the man to always pay. Spoil your kings too @DomMysterio35I understand your trauma and I got you!”

Rhea Ripley may have spoiled her own king but she will be teaming with a prince as she and Finn Balor pair up at Elimination Chamber to take on the WWE Hall of Fame team of Edge and Beth Phoenix.