Rhea Ripley Proud To Represent The Weirdos & Freaks In WWE

Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley is a bona fide superstar in WWE and now the Women’s World Champion has explained why she’s happy to represent those that don’t fit the norm.

Rhea Ripley is undoubtedly WWE’s biggest female star at the moment, having captured the Women’s World Title – when it was still known as the SmackDown Women’s Championship – from Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 39.

The Judgment Day’s Eradicator will no doubt be front and centre when WWE brings Elimination Chamber to Australia for the very first time in February. And now Rhea Ripley is featured on the front of the WWE 2K24 game alongside Bianca Belair.

Rhea Ripley Happy To Break The Mold

Speaking to ESPN, Rhea Ripley explained why it was important for her to tread her own path in her own way in WWE and paid tribute to the trailblazers in Beth Phoenix and Chyna that made it possible:

I know that I get a lot of messages from my ‘moshes’ — my fan base — and they’re so ecstatic that there’s someone out there that can represent them — represent the weirdos, the freaks, the people that just don’t fit the norm.

So, I feel that it was really important for me to get out of my shell and stop following that mold and be the person that you see today to help other people be confident within their own skin as well. So, I have to thank people like Beth [Phoenix] and Chyna, because they were so different in such a time where it was very obvious what was wanted within women in the sporting business.

Rhea Ripley might well find out what her WrestleMania 40 plans will be with plenty of women in the Royal Rumble gunning for her and her title.