Rhea Ripley Explains Why The Judgment Day Is So Successful

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Rhea Ripley has revealed the secret behind the success of The Judgment Day.

The group originally started under the leadership of Edge in April 2022 before he was ousted two months later with Ripley, Damian Priest and Finn Balor deciding to take the faction in their own direction.

Dominic Mysterio joined the trio after shockingly turning on his Father, Rey Mysterio, during the Clash At The Castle Premium Live Event in September 2022.

The Judgment Day soon became a highlight of WWE programming and has been at the forefront of Raw ever since, with JD McDonagh joining the villainous outfit officially in November 2023 after months of trying to impress the group.

The quintet resisted the attempts of comedic veteran R Truth as he attempted to join them thereafter, with the angle further showcasing their diverse talents in and out of the ring.

In a recent appearance on ‘‘Notsam Wrestling’, the WWE Women’s World Champion opened up about the success of The Judgment Day, highlighting the desire of each member wanting to prove a point as a key factor:

“I think starting off with the four of us before JD [McDonagh] was in there, way before [R-Truth] ever broke into our clubhouse, I think that it worked so well because there was four people from completely other sides of the world pretty much, and we all had something to prove.

We all just came together and we meshed so well together. It was sort of unseen unknown. We weren’t expecting it to be that way, but we’ve just been going out there each and every week having fun. I think that’s what people see. They see us being 110% ourselves, being authentic, and going out there and having fun, and that makes other people have fun at the same time.

So, I think that’s why Judgment Day has done so well. And now with JD in The Judgment Day, and not R-Truth, we’re going to have a whole another load of fun in the future.”

Rhea Ripley Receives High Praise From The Rock

Rhea Ripley has been widely lauded as one of the great female talents in the world today and was recently the subject of special praise from one of wrestling’s all time greats.

The Australian Superstar was singled out for a special mention by The Rock after appearing in an on-screen segment during the 1st January edition of Raw.

H/T: WrestlingInc for the above transcription