Rhea Ripley Fires Back At Disrespectful Fan – “I Deserve Better”

Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley had enough of a fan that was very disrespectful toward her after she made a social media post about a family member passing away.

When it comes to her WWE career, Rhea Ripley is thriving as the current Smackdown Women’s Champion that had one of the best matches of her career at WrestleMania 39 two weeks when she beat Charlotte Flair for the title.

With her win at WrestleMania 39, the 26-year-old Ripley made some history too. Rhea Ripley is the only woman to win the NXT UK, NXT, Raw Women’s Title, Women’s Tag Team Titles and Smackdown Women’s Title in WWE history.

Even with all of her success in WWE as a top heel in The Judgment Day group, there is also a real person there that experiences tragic losses like all of us. Ripley is from Australia, so she moved away from her home country at a young age to pursue her dreams in WWE. She recently posted about the death of her Nonna, which is the Italian term for grandmother.

While most people are sympathetic to Rhea Ripley about the loss of a loved one because we all know how hard it is to deal with, there was one fan that was not so kind and Ripley let the guy have it because he deserved it.

You can see what Ripley tweeted to the fan below.

“People like this make me regret leaving everyone I love behind. I’ve missed years without people I love to entertain and live my dream. You are a f**king disgusting human and don’t deserve me, but here I am doing my job. Realize what’s TV and what’s real life. I deserve better.”

The disrespectful tweet was deleted, but you can see it below.

Rhea Ripley also recently spoke out against fans that were not respectful towards WWE superstars in public places like airports.