Rhea Ripley Mocks Beth Phoenix At WWE Crown Jewel

rhea ripley wwe judgment day

Rhea Ripley took a not-so-subtle shot at Beth Phoenix while she was at ringside at WWE Crown Jewel.

The last time the WWE Universe saw Beth Phoenix in the ring was at Extreme Rules on October 8th when Rhea Ripley attacked her while Ripley’s allies in The Judgment Day held Beth’s husband Edge to make him watch it happen.

After Ripley took out Beth with the conchairto, Ripley would go on to actually blame Edge for her actions saying that he’s the one that taught Ripley to never hold back.

At WWE Crown Jewel on November 5th, Ripley supported her allies in The Judgment Day with a unique hairstyle. It was pointed out by announcer Michael Cole when Ripley was at ringside that Ripley had her made up in a way similar to what Beth Phoenix had done in the past.

During the Crown Jewel match as The Judgment Day faced The OC in a six-man tag team match, Ripley got involved again by slamming AJ Styles into the ring apron. That led to Balor finishing off Styles to win the match soon after. Cole was screaming about it saying somebody needed to kick Ripley’s ass since Rhea has been involved in matches so often of late.

On Twitter, Ripley posted a photo: “Paying homage to the late great Beth Phoenix, may she rest in peace.”

While there is no official match between Ripley and Phoenix announced yet, it’s obvious that WWE is teasing Ripley against Phoenix, who does wrestle sometimes after retiring as a full-time wrestler over a decade ago.

If WWE doesn’t do Ripley-Phoenix as a singles match, it could be a mixed tag team match with Phoenix teaming up with Edge against one of the guys in The Judgment Day group. There are certainly a lot of options available.