Rey Mysterio’s Unusual Pre-Match Ritual Revealed

Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio has an interesting pre-match routine.

WWE legend Rey Mysterio began wrestling when he was just 14 years old and within ten years he’d already helped revolutionise the industry in North America. Through spells in ECW and WCW, Mysterio along with the likes of Eddie Guerrero, took an eye-catching, high-flying style into the mainstream.

During a recent episode of Busted Open Radio, Mark Henry, Bully Ray, and Tommy Dreamer discussed pre-match rituals when the conversation turned to Mysterio.

Henry recalled repeatedly watching the Hall of Famer lay out his ring gear backstage before sitting and staring at it.

“Do ever see Rey? Before every match, he would put his mask on the floor, he put his T-shirt that he was gonna wear on the floor. He would put his pants. He would put the underwear that he would wear on top of the pants. He put the socks on the bottom of the pants. He put the shoes, and he would sit there and look at it.

I used to go, ‘You alright, brother?’ [laughs] But he had to see everything, the wrist wrap, everything. He had to see it all before he put it on and look at it. Make sure ‘Alright, that’s the look.’ I’m the Joker tonight [or] I’m louis Vuitton man tonight. Like whatever his gear, he had to lay it out. It was a ritual, I watched it a bunch of times.”

Rey Mysterio Gives Update On Retirement Plans

Despite having spent the vast majority of life in the ring, and battling the wear and tear that comes with being a wrestler, Mysterio continues to perform at a high level.

Speaking during a recent interview, Rey Mysterio refused to put a timeline on his retirement plans, admitting he’s always listening to his body and assessing his motivation.

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