Rey Mysterio Told AEW Star “Tone It Down”

Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio has warned an AEW star there could be trouble ahead if they don’t modify their in-ring style.

Mysterio made his debut when he was just 14 years old, making a name for himself in Mexico before helping revolutionise American wrestling with ECW and WCW. By the time the star arrived in WWE in 2002, he was well established as one of the premier cruiserweights on the planet.

However, this reputation had been hard-earned, coming at an incredible physical cost.

By his mid-20s Mysterio had already undergone a string of knee surgeries as a result of his high-flying in-ring style. As of 2023, the Lucha legend has undergone a total of 14 surgeries just on his knees.

With this in mind, Mysterio has urged rising Mexican star El Hijo Del Vikingo to learn from his own stubbornness. Vikingo has enjoyed a fine 2023, making his AEW debut on Dynamite in March when he took on Kenny Omega. The star’s increasing number of appearances in the United States has showcased his incredible set of skills to a whole new audience, earning him plaudits across the board.

Despite this, the AAA Mega Champion has also spent some time out of the ring, with niggling injuries taking their toll.

Speaking in a new interview with Marc Raimondi for ESPN, Mysterio praised Vikingo but called on the star to tone down his offence. The WWE Hall of Famer recalled being given the same advice when he was younger and paying the price for ignoring it.

“I believe he was going through an injury at the time, and I kind of connected him with people to see if he could get his knee taken care of.

Overall, I said, ‘it happened to me, a lot of people would tell me to slow down. With all due respect, I said thank you, yes, I will, and it would almost come in one ear and out the other. Until you start going through injuries and surgeries, and you’re not slowing down because they tell you, you’re slowing down because you need to, and you can’t risk your body anymore as you did.’

I pretty much gave him that advice and told him he could still be incredible if he just toned it down two or three beats more.

Pick the moments where you want to do your things to impact. You don’t have to do it every night because they already know who you are.

I hope that he takes the advice and doesn’t have to suffer what I did, which is learn the hard way.”

Rey Mysterio To Come Face To Face With Logan Paul

Rey Mysterio has enjoyed a career renaissance in recent years as he continues to perform at a high level despite his age and significant injury record. In 2023, this has seen the star wrestle his son Dominik at WrestleMania 39 before winning the United States Title.

The high-flying legend has now caught the attention of Logan Paul who is returning to SmackDown on October 20th. Paul called out Mysterio following his return to boxing and victory over Dillon Danis.

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