Rey Mysterio Reveals State Of Relationship With CM Punk

CM Punk & Rey Mysterio split

Rey Mysterio has been discussing his relationship with CM Punk.

The Lucha Legend and CM Punk might have taken very different paths during their careers, but through it all, they’ve remained in touch. The pair worked together in WWE as far back as 2010, and it seems a bond was forged.

Appearing on K100 with Konnan and Disco Inferno, Mysterio was asked about Punk’s recent return to WWE, and the Hall of Famer revealed they always check in on each other.

“I was texting Punk back and forth every now and then. We would say ‘hi’ and ‘what’s up?’ Always been, not super close, but connected. Watching Dominik’s career take off, we would constantly shoot each other texts.

Punk was a big rival during the whole Mysterio family on board with my daughter’s birthday, six or seven years old at the time, it’s cool to revisit all that and now see the growth of the Mysterio family and how we’re all still connected in some way,”

CM Punk Makes WWE In-Ring Return

After returning to WWE at Survivor Series, CM Punk wrestled his first match for the company in almost a decade on December 26th. At WWE’s traditional Boxing Day event at Madison Square Garden, Punk took on and defeated Dominik Mysterio.

In the moments after picking up the win, CM Punk addressed fans, thanking them for their support, before declaring his intention to win the Royal Rumble and headline WrestleMania.

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