REVEALED: ‘White Rabbit’ Planned Date, Potential Identity

White Rabbit

“White Rabbit” has had the WWE Universe in suspense for weeks now, but it appears that we have some major developments involving the planned date when the mystery will be revealed. Not just that, but we also have huge news on the potential identity.

WWE has been jamming Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” during TV commercial breaks and house shows for weeks now, sharing QR codes on their Raw and Smackdown broadcasts, and 9.23 continues to be a key number in the process. As a result, speculation around the “White Rabbit” mystery has grown at an intense level.

According to Fightful Select, however, this may not be going on for too much longer. The outlet is reporting that WWE’s Extreme Rules, which takes place on October 8, is when the one behind the “White Rabbit” is going to be revealed. Fightful also went on to note that the individual behind the gimmick may not physically be in Philadelphia when the revealing takes place.

The other huge part of Fightful’s report was also regarding the identity of “White Rabbit,” and potentially proving speculation right, it looks like the person behind it is, in fact, Bray Wyatt.

“The Fiend” hasn’t been on WWE TV since appearing on Raw following WrestleMania 37. The last gimmick before his release would be his Firefly Fun House character. At WrestleMania, Wyatt wrestled as his “Fiend” persona against Randy Orton, losing the match. Wyatt hasn’t been in the ring since then, marking a year and a half that Wyatt has been out of wrestling.

Ever since Paul “Triple H” Levesque took over the helm at WWE creative, who has reportedly been off-hands with the “White Rabbit” mystery, rumors of Bray Wyatt potentially coming back to the company have been picking up steam. During Wyatt’s last run in WWE, he and Vince McMahon didn’t get along, eventually leading to the release of “The Fiend.” McMahon reportedly hated the physique of the one-time WWE Champion.