Returning AEW Star Wants Separate Title For Collision

AEW Collision Announcement

One AEW star set to return to the ring soon feels there should “100%” be a new championship, and would also encourage a roster split.

With the launch of AEW Collision set for 17th June 2023, both current and returning superstars will be looking at the new brand as an opportunity to cement a position higher up the roster, something which comes with a potential split of talent and new titles.

One of those men will be Andrade El Idolo, who has spoken positively about making a clear split between Collision and Dynamite.

In a discussion on the Please Steal Our Ideas podcast, Andrade El Idolo noted that he didn’t know if it would happen, but he would really like there to be a clear split.

I don’t know yet, but I hope [the shows will be] separate. I hope [they] make a new title. Maybe separate the brands like it’s another company. I hope that Dynamite, the roster, and the talent – Collision, this new brand for AEW, I wish [for the shows to be] separate. I don’t know yet.

We need new goals. If we have different titles, it’s good because you can compete for the title.

I love the idea because this is more opportunities for the roster, more storylines for the titles. I think maybe in the future, or maybe soon, [new titles] is a good idea. I hope the office or the writers [will hear this]. Yeah, 100%. We need a new title.

Unfortunately it seems like that is far from certain at this stage, with AEW head honcho Tony Khan saying that a roster split is not locked in.

With thanks to Fightful for the transcription.

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