Renee Paquette Opens Up About AEW Backstage Role

Renee Paquette MJF

Renee Paquette is doing a whole lot more than just conducting on-screen interviews in AEW.

The signing of Paquette was seen as an impressive coup by AEW, with the broadcaster earning praise far and wide for her work with WWE. That’s without taking into account her experience in sports broadcasting and podcasting.

Appearing on Women’s Wrestling Talk, Paquette went into detail about her career, breaking down her work as a producer with AEW. The star explained that her time with WWE gives her the knowledge to help others with less experience.

“I focus on what I have the most experience in, of course, is those backstage segments doing those interviews, different promos. You know, for me, it’s kind of jumping in there. It’s such a different experience than it is with WWE. Of course, I was not a producer there. But the experience that I had there of being able to work with everybody. I’ve done interviews with everybody.

So for me to be able to have that experience and now to be able to apply it here where we’re not just handed a script, and we’re not handed the like, here’s what we’re getting to.”

Paquette went on to break down how she tries to manage backstage interviews, making sure everyone is moving in the right direction.

“So really, it’s you know, getting together with the talent, sometimes it’s right before we’re about to shoot something going, what are we doing? What are we trying to accomplish? And it’s really just keeping everybody on track and making sure that what we’re doing makes sense. Because it can get very complicated sometimes when it’s like, you know, a bunch of different championships, a bunch of different matches, a bunch of different players that are in this segment. So it’s trying to make sure that what we’re talking about makes sense.”

The broadcaster added that this is often a matter of keeping on top of small details such as where everyone needs to stand.

“But also like little things, where’s everyone standing? What’s the blocking house? If somebody’s exiting the frame? How are we doing that? Like it’s, it’s all those little things that really do make such a difference in those moments of which side a babyface is going to come in from how I’m going to, you know how I’m going to interact with the baby face as opposed to a heel.

It’s all those little things that I think really make the difference to those moments. And as we know, it was like any moment that you have on camera is so valuable. So we want to make the most of those every single time and if I can help make somebody look like a bigger star or get them better experience in those moments. That’s something that I love doing.”

When Did Renee Paquette Sign With AEW?

Renee Paquette signed with AEW in October 2022, joining up with her husband Jon Moxley.

Jon Moxley also works as a mentor and coach backstage, as well as being one of the promotion’s biggest stars. The former International Champion and only three-time AEW World Champion signed a multi-year contract extension in October 2022.