Released WWE Star Says Triple H Is “A Genius”

Triple H WWE

Someone who was fired from WWE still has nice things to say about Triple H.

CJ “Lana” Perry, the wife of Miro/Rusev, was released in June 2021 amidst many ‘budget cuts’ the company underwent at the time.

Perry spent most of her time in WWE as a manager getting involved in backstage segments and non-wrestling angles, though she did compete in the ring on a few occasions. She was also one of the people named (though not directly involved) about WWE’s third-party controversy last year.

Though she has since moved from WWE, Perry appears to be hopeful for her friends that still work there. In an interview with Sean Ross Sapp, Perry praised Triple H’s storytelling skills and appreciated how she helped him come up with her earlier gimmicks.

“I think Triple H is a genius. He hired me. He was at my tryouts in the beginning of 2013. He paired me with Miro. He guided me so much in the approach of creating, essentially, the character of the Ravishing Russian with the suit, the hair. He was really hands on with that, very hands on with Miro and I. So I will always be grateful for that because people still talk about the tank, still talk about the Ravishing Russia and her accent and her look. So I’m forever grateful for that. I think he’s brilliant.”

h/t Fightful for the transcription