Released NXT Star “A Handful” Backstage


A new report has shed light on why one of the stars of NXT may have been released by WWE, with the person in question said to be “a handful.”

News broke on the 1st of November that five members of WWE’s developmental roster had been released by the company. Bodhi Hayward was the most high-profile of these NXT releases with Ru Feng, Sloane Jacobs, Erica Yan, and Damaris Griffin.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez noted that there may be more to the story of why Bodhi Hayward was given his release by WWE:

“All I will say, because I don’t know all of the details, but there was stuff going on. I guess the easiest way to describe it is apparently Bodhi was a handful. So it wasn’t just ‘well, let’s get rid of this guy’ or whatever. But I did hear from multiple people that it wasn’t just ‘we’re gonna cut some folks, we’re gonna cut this person who was right in the middle of a storyline.'”

“There was more to Bodhi’s story. That’s really all I can say because I don’t know what the more is. But you know, you got a bunch of guys and whatever and they’re in Florida and there’s a loop and god only knows what can happen.”

Alvarez also noted that he’d heard that there were six releases made by the company so there is a chance that one of these hasn’t yet become public knowledge.