The Reason The Undertaker Hated His Young Rock Depiction

The Undertaker

The Undertaker has revealed why he was left “p*ssed off” by his representation in The Rock’s series about his life, Young Rock.

Young Rock told the story of a young Dwayne Johnson and his life growing up in a wrestling family before making the transition to the ring himself. As a result, not only was he and his family represented in the show but so were many of the great and the good of the industry – one of those stars being The Undertaker but he wasn’t exactly thrilled by his representation.

The Undertaker Hated Young Rock Hat

Speaking on a Patreon exclusive Q&A, The Undertaker revealed why he was not impressed by his doppelganger in the show and had a real issue with the hat his character wore:

It’s a comedy, right? So there has to be some elements of, I guess, the casting in some comedic light. What p*ssed me off about the whole damn thing was my hat. The hat really p*ssed me off. I didn’t like the hat.

They gave me some kind of just black clown hat. So because I didn’t like the hat I would, if it was ‘Young Taker,’ and I had to cast The Rock, I don’t know maybe Urkel or somebody.

Perhaps this goes some way to explain why The Undertaker chokeslammed The Rock during the main event of WrestleMania 40 as The Bloodline were taken out allowing Cody Rhodes to defeat Roman Reigns to become WWE Champion for the first time.

h/t Fightful