Reason For Ex-TNA Star’s WWE Raw Visit Revealed

WWE Raw logo over blurred Creeds

A big name from TNA Wrestling visited WWE Raw, which led to a lot of speculation about why and how it happened.

The WWE Raw episode from November 27th was the follow-up to Survivor Series and it took place in Nashville. There was a lot of excitement on the show with CM Punk delivering his first WWE promo in nearly ten years while Randy Orton returned to Raw for the first time in 18 months to beat Dominik Mysterio.

Behind the scenes, there was an interesting guest at the show because former TNA Wrestling Owner Dixie Carter was backstage at the event with her family. Dixie lives in the Nashville area and she posted all about it on social media.

In Dixie’s post on Instagram, she made sure to write “Thanks Bruce” as a reference to WWE’s Executive Director Bruce Prichard, who worked for Dixie in TNA before his return to WWE in 2019.

Why Was TNA’s Former Owner At WWE Raw?

While speaking on his Something To Wrestle podcast, Bruce Prichard spoke about Dixie being at Raw in Nashville.

“I’ve always said it even in our TNA podcast where sometimes a little controversial, but I’ve always maintained that Dixie, I think she’s a wonderful person and we’ve remained friends to this day.”

“I reached out and I thought it would be great since we were going to be in Nashville to invite her to the show and say hello and it was terrific to see her and reconnect and say hello.”

During the podcast, Prichard also revealed he will be having surgery on his left shoulder. Best wishes to Bruce for dealing with that.

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