Reason Why Edge-Finn Balor Match Didn’t Happen At Royal Rumble

Finn Balor & Edge, Royal Rumble 2023

Whilst many have been waiting for the heated confrontation between Edge and Finn Balor, the reason it didn’t happen in January has been revealed.

Edge has been off our screens since his contest against Balor at Extreme Rules 2022, where he lost an I Quit match. This was The Rated R Superstar’s first loss of the calendar year, and it was compounded when The Judgment Day attacked his wife Beth Phoenix after the match, delivering a con-chairto and injuring her neck.

Fast forward to the Royal Rumble, and many expected it would be the right time Edge to exact revenge on Finn Balor. It had been rumored that Edge would return to his Brood days for the match, whilst Balor would don the facepaint as the demon which has rarely been seen in recent years.

That match didn’t happen, and instead Edge made his return as part of the Royal Rumble match itself, taking out both Balor and Damien Priest before being eliminated himself after a distraction from the men he had recently thrown out.

Now, a new report from Dave Meltzer at The Wrestling Observer has shed some light on why the singles match between the pair didn’t take place. According to the report, Edge had other commitments right up to the Rumble, meaning he couldn’t do the work needed to build the match at that time.

The reason the at one time talked about Brood Edge vs. Demon Balor Hell in a Cell match at the Rumble didn’t happen is because Edge was filming a television show until this past week and thus couldn’t do the WWE television to build up the match.

The confrontation at the Royal Rumble is a clear indication that the pair are on a collision course. With Elimination Chamber coming up on 18th February and neither man so far confirmed for the show’s signature match, it’s likely that we could now be getting the heated contest just a few weeks down the line.