The Reason Cody Rhodes Felt Bad Feuding With The Rock

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Cody Rhodes had to go to war with The Rock early in 2024 and now he’s revealed the one thing he didn’t like about going toe-to-toe with The Final Boss.

At one point it seemed that Cody Rhodes was going to bend the knee and allow The Rock to waltz into WrestleMania to take on Roman Reigns – but the fans of WWE had other ideas.

Fan support swelled behind Rhodes and the company was forced into a pivot that saw The Rock morph into The Final Boss – an uncharacteristically un-PG version of the star that brought plenty of blood and swearing to WWE television.

Cody Rhodes had to fight fire with fire and at one point live on Raw noted that The Rock might be suffering from “little dick syndrome” but it’s not something The American Nightmare relished.

Cody Rhodes Doesn’t Want To Follow The Rock’s Path

Speaking on The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, Cody Rhodes revealed he felt bad when he snapped back at The Rock and said he doesn’t want to curse as he wants to set a good example to children:

It changes everything, I don’t want to curse. I felt bad when I finally bit back at Rock after just absolutely devouring us up with very you know non-PG stuff and he’s the literal boss in addition to being the Final Boss so he can do that and I felt alright, if he can do it, I can do it too and I felt bad. I just want to set a good example for them.

It is widely believed that The Rock will be Cody Rhodes’ opponent at WrestleMania 41 and it remains to be seen how clean the WWE icon will keep it should he return for that bout.