Reason Why AEW Star Was Taken Out Of WrestleDream Match

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A current champion was taken out of an AEW WrestleDream match due to some previous injuries that he was dealing with going into the match.

There was a four-way tag team match at AEW WrestleDream in Seattle where the winning team earned a championship match against FTR.

The four teams in the match were The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson), Lucha Brothers (Penta & Rey Fenix), The Gunns (Austin & Colten Gunn) and Orange Cassidy & Hook. Three of the teams were former AEW Tag Team Champions while Orange Cassidy & Hook are a newer, popular team.

Early in the match, Fenix was taken out after being thrown into the barricades a few times. The ringside doctors checked on him and he was taken to the back. Penta ended up getting beat after The Young Bucks hit the BTE Trigger and pinned Penta to get the win.

There was no official update on Fenix’s status after the match. The company just moved on from it and didn’t mention Fenix again.

Rey Fenix was taken out of AEW WrestleDream match due to previous injuries

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that the reason Rey Fenix was taken out of the match was because of injuries he had going into it. They also want to keep Fenix fresh going into his International Title match on AEW Dynamite.

“Rey Fenix, that was just a plan to get him out of the match early because he’s hurting.”

“So Rey Fenix very early, took a bump, started selling his shoulder. The doctors came out. They took him to the back. I mean, they all attacked his shoulder. So it was very clear that this was part of the match.”

Meltzer’s co-host Bryan Alvarez spoke more about what Rey Fenix was dealing with going into the match.

“What happened is that when he had that match with [Jon] Moxley when he did that dive and landed on Moxley’s head, he hurt his tailbone in his back. And so he almost didn’t get cleared. And so he gets cleared. And then he went into the ring this Wednesday and he hurt his back again and he was limping. He got back limping by the end. But, I mean, he was hurting badly.”

“And so here this was an angle because they want him to do that match with Nick Jackson on Wednesday. And so they let him do one spot, and then they did the injury angle and they got him out of there. And I guess he told people like, you know, ‘I’ll be good to go on Wednesday,’ but I think they didn’t want to take any chances with him getting hurt here because it’s the anniversary show. It’s the anniversary, or it’s the fourth anniversary of the show, but it’s also a rematch of one of the best matches they ever had in the first year.”

“They got him out of there anyway so that he wouldn’t be injured. Penta was working by himself, but the way they did the match, I mean, it didn’t really matter whose partner was who. It was like everybody’s just doing everything with everybody else.”

This coming Wednesday on AEW Dynamite, Rey Fenix will defend the International Title against Nick Jackson.