Real Reason WWE Is Pushing Shinsuke Nakamura

Shinsuke Nakamura WWE

Shinsuke Nakamura has his eyes set on Cody Rhodes on WWE TV but WWE itself could have their eyes on someone Nakamura knows very well.

Eyebrows were raised recently when Nakamura vowed to bring chaos to an unnamed WWE star. While many took his words at face value, some linked them to Nakamura’s time as the leader and founder of the NJPW group CHAOS. Only one other person has led CHAOS since Nakamura left NJPW in 2016 and that is Kazuchika Okada.

Kazuchika Okada could make history should he head to WWE when his current NJPW deal ends in early 2024. It remains unknown what his future holds but it is believed both Triple H and Tony Khan will be making plays for The Rainmaker to tempt him away from Japan. And WWE might well be using Nakamura’s current status in WWE to show Okada what could be in store for him.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that Shinsuke Nakamura’s current push is to show Kazuchika Okada that he will be used seriously and in a prominent role should he make the switch to the company:

The push of Nakamura is because they’re buddies and to show that we’ll do fine by you and all that. We’re not gonna be like what TNA was because he has wonderful memories of his time in TNA where oh my God…

Shinsuke Nakamura Vows To Finish Cody Rhodes’ Story In WWE

Nakamura had been making clear he was after an unnamed star in recent weeks before revealing the target of his destruction was Cody Rhodes.

On Raw in Albany, NY, Nakamura explained to Rhodes that they were both men who failed to finish their story as they both failed to win the WWE Championship after winning the men’s Royal Rumble. Shinsuke Nakamura then vowed to finish Rhodes’ story for him insinuating that he’d be the one to win the 2024 Rumble match and go on to the main event of WrestleMania 40.