Randy Savage Was Once Banned From Miss Elizabeth’s Home

Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth during their wedding at WWE SummerSlam 1991

Though they were married, both on-screen and legitimately, the family of Miss Elizabeth once refused to let Randy Savage into their home over a WWE-related misunderstanding.

A real-life misjudgment is why Jake Roberts and Randy Savage didn’t collide at WrestleMania VIII, despite plans initially calling for their collision.

During the 1991 This Tuesday In Texas pay-per-view, Savage was victorious over Roberts but in the aftermath, an irate ‘Snake’ slapped Savage’s wife Miss Elizabeth. According to Jake, the incident, while part of a WWE-produced storyline, was perceived as real by Elizabeth’s family and led to the banishment of Savage from their home.

Jake Roberts told the tale on the latest DDP Snake Pit podcast, revealing that due to Miss Elizabeth’s family being “country people”, they weren’t clued in on the kayfabe nature of pro wrestling:

“Elizabeth, her family, they were country people. They didn’t know that wrestling wasn’t real. They believed. When I slapped Elizabeth, they lost their sh*t. Randy went to go home [sic] to see the family and they wouldn’t let him in the house. They actually threatened him, ‘Get the hell off our property. You lied to us. You said our little girl would never get hurt, and she got slapped by that no-good son of a b*tch Jake Roberts’.”

Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth officially married in 1984, though their on-screen marriage didn’t come until their acclaimed SummerSlam 1991 wedding. They divorced in 1992.

Though they wrestled each other a combined 89 times on both televised and untelevised events, Randy Savage and Jake Roberts didn’t collide at WrestleMania VIII, as per the original plan. Instead, Savage won the WWF Championship from Ric Flair, while Roberts became the second Superstar pinned by The Undertaker at ‘Mania.

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