How Randy Orton’s Honesty Helped WWE Star Through Hard Times

Randy Orton

Good or bad, Randy Orton has probably done it all during his 22-year career in WWE and that’s why he’s the perfect star to seek out for words of wisdom.

Randy Orton returned to action in WWE at Survivor Series 2023 after 18 months out of action due to a serious back injury. The former WWE Champion underwent surgery during his time away from the ring and Randy Orton has admitted he burst into tears after doctors told him his in-ring career could be over.

Orton was part of the men’s Elimination Chamber match in Australia but fell short of winning thanks to Logan Paul nailing Orton with brass knucks. Logan Paul vs. Randy Orton is on WWE’s slate for WrestleMania 40 meaning that Orton could yet hold gold again in the company with Paul the current US Champion.

Chad Gable Credits Randy Orton For Advice

Speaking with TV Insider, Chad Gable revealed that during some of the lower moments in his WWE career he has always been able to count on advice from Randy Orton to pull him through:

I would say, Randy Orton. I don’t try to bother people too much with questions, especially when you know the answer to questions you may ask. But there are a few things I’ve struggled with during my time here and Randy has been a guy I ask to get actual thoughts and feedback from.

He has been through it all and knows pretty much anything. I’ve always reached out to him. He gives me the answers that resonate and are truthful.

Chad Gable is one of several WWE stars who has thrown their hat in the ring for a shot at Gunther and the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania. Gunther was originally planned to face Brock Lesnar on the show but creative plans for Brock Lesnar have been scrapped by WWE.