Randy Orton Says WWE Star Has “Got The World By The Balls”

Randy Orton WWE Promo

Randy Orton says the future of WWE is bright.

After spending the early part of his career as WWE’s problem child, in more recent times Randy Orton has been reveling in his role as locker-room veteran.

Since returning to action at Survivor Series 2023, Orton has continued to be at the top of his game, defying doctors who believed he’d have to retire after undergoing serious back surgery. In fact, the former WWE Champion recently outlined his desire to wrestle full-time for another six years, taking him to his 50th birthday.

During an appearance on Adam’s Apple, Orton was asked who he thought was WWE’s next breakout star. The veteran praised Bron Breakker and Grayson Waller, before eventually singling out Austin Theory.

“I’m a fan of Bron Breakker. I’ve been a fan of Austin Theory. I think [Grayson] Waller’s great. There are a lot of guys in NXT that I’m not necessarily aware of. But when I was down there getting ready to get back on the road last fall, I saw a lot of great talent down there, guys and girls.

But as far as one particular person, that’s a tough question. My eyes are on Austin Theory, and I think not only from a talent standpoint but also he’s got a great look. He’s gotten better and better on the mic. The more opportunities he has, I think, the more he’ll thrive. But I’ve talked to the guy, and he’s on the level. When I was his age, I was nothing like him. He’s way more mature than I was.

I think that he’s got the world by the balls man, and he’s making the right decisions. He’s taking care of himself. He knows what his priorities should be, and there with being the best that he could be with the WWE.”

Randy Orton Thankful For WWE Changes

During the same interview, Randy Orton explained why WWE was such a stressful environment with Vince McMahon at the helm.

The Viper explained that constant changes to scripts made just hours before shows went on the air made life difficult for talent, adding that much of the time they were “flying by the seat of their pants.”

By contrast, Orton said that now with Triple H and Nick Khan running things, storylines and creative are laid out weeks and months in advance.

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