Randy Orton Reveals Hilarious Brock Lesnar In-Ring Mishap

Brock Lesnar hits Randy Orton with a forearm

Randy Orton has revealed that Brock Lesnar wasn’t always quite so scary.

Before landing on WWE television Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton formed part of arguably the greatest developmental class WWE has ever seen. The pair were joined by John Cena, Shelton Benjamin, and Batista in Ohio Valley Wrestling, with all five men going on to have impressive careers.

It was during this period that Orton first met Lesnar and that meeting certainly made an impressive.

Appearing on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, Orton recalled Lesnar joining OVW and accidentally launching himself through the ring ropes while running drills.

“I remember the day he [Brock Lesnar] came [to OVW] we were all like ‘what the f*ck.’ So, we’re all talking shit, you know under our breath, and here he comes and back then there wasn’t all this…you know we had one ring in a sh*tty warehouse and there was like 12 of us.

So here comes Lesnar, we knew he was coming, we get in practice, start doing the rope running drills where you just burn, you just go and um… he [Brock] didn’t hook the first rope.

As I’m sure you’ve been told, make sure you get the arm over that top rope otherwise you’re gonna end up in the bleachers.

Sure enough, that mother*cker he leapt out the ring between the second and third rope and took out like 20 to 30 metal chairs and then just popped up, dusted himself of and was like ‘hah, hah…I bed you’d all like to see that again…hah,hah,hah.’”

Randy Orton Admits Injury Almost Ended His Career

During the same interview, Randy Orton opened up about his recent back injury. The Viper revealed that he’d been in enormous pain before taking time off in May 2022, and struggled to perform in the ring.

Orton confirmed that the injury almost ended his career.

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