Randy Orton Admits He Was An A**hole

Randy Orton looking off camera

Randy Orton has confessed to being an a**hole early in his career.

Now over two decades into his career, Orton has become a well-respected veteran in the WWE locker room. However, early in his career, The Viper got in his fair share of trouble with the company, even receiving a 60-day suspension back in 2006.

During an appearance on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, Orton explored the reasons for the less-than-stellar reputation he built for himself, saying he used it as a king of armor at the time.

“Yea. 100 percent. That was like my armor. I was an a**hole I think because I wanted people to respect me maybe? I don’t know. I just know that I grew out of that phase and I thank God that I did.

“I see footage that I didn’t know the camera was rolling at that autograph signing and there’s an interaction with a fan and it’s picked up. Now they’re doing this doc on A&E that they’re just kind of finishing up and I’ve seen some of this footage from 10-15 years ago and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, that’s horrible.’

“That’s just kind of who I was. It wasn’t coming from a place of confidence. I think it was coming from a place, it was my armor. I was an a**hole and maybe I would get respect that way.”

Orton is grateful to Vince McMahon for giving him multiple chances to get back on track.

“Maybe it was a little bit of fear and I took it as respect and either way I was fine with it. Luckily I was given a second, third, fourth chance from Vince McMahon coming up when I would get in trouble or I would have to get sent away for a couple of months or I would have to get fined a second or third time.

“I just [am] blessed. I am so blessed. I had the right guys in there to kind of yank my a** straight to make sure I was walking a straight line.”

Randy Orton returned to WWE at Survivor Series after over 18 months on the shelf due to back surgery.

Randy Orton Will Never Leave WWE

During the same interview, Randy Orton gave some insight into his plans for the future. While there seemed to be a chance he would leave WWE back in 2019, that is no longer the case as Orton has declared he will be with the company “for the rest of his life.”

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