Quill Gargano’s WWE ‘Debut’ Made Official With Triple H Point Photo

Triple H WWE

Paul “Triple H” Levesque is keeping his word to Quill Gargano.

During their time in NXT, Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae were some of the biggest stars in WWE’s developmental brand. Following 2021’s NXT Great American Bash, LeRae was away from professional wrestling for several months so her and Gargano could have a child, and Quill, who is their son, was born February 17, 2022.

When his contract was done in December 2021, Gargano left WWE, but despite his exit, Triple H still took a “finger-pointing” photo with Quill. The picture has been a badge of honor to many new signing to WWE, as it can mark the official beginning of a young wrestler’s career.

In August, Gargano made his comeback to WWE, with LeRae joining him a month later in September, and then Quill eventually made his way into the WWE Universe on the November 28, 2022 episode of “Raw Talk,” where LeRae took part in an interview while she was holding “Baby Wrestling.”

The following day, Gargano shared a photo of Quill and Triple H, with the latter doing his iconic point.