Positive Update On Jay Briscoe’s Daughters

The family of Jay Briscoe

Despite the tragic circumstances surround Jay Briscoe’s death, it seems there is now some good news on the recovery of his two daughters.

Jamin Pugh, known to the wrestling world as Jay Briscoe, was killed in an automotive accident at the age of just 38. However, just as worrying at the time was the fact that his daughters, 12 year old Gracie and 9 year old Jayleigh, were also in the car and suffered serious injuries.

One month on, and a new update has provided some positive information on their current condition.

Their mother recently posted a picture on social media showing her two daughters in wheelchairs, as they were joined by their brother as well.

Got all my babies back together♥️♥️♥️

Posted by Ashley Pugh on Saturday, February 18, 2023

Josh Wharton, a family friend and spokesman, also posted a Facebook video last week which provided specific updates on their conditions.

Although Jayleigh will still be in a back brace and have an external fixator on her leg for another month, she has been out of hospital for a few weeks now and no longer needs to wear a neck brace.

Gracie is also now out of hospital, and will undergo outpatient therapy five times a week. It’s also noted that her knee is not completely sorted, has done some assisted walking, and that “her muscles in her legs are really starting to fire up, so they want to keep it a very intense therapy… The doctors can feel her trying to move her ankles and toes and stuff, but we’re just not getting that movement yet. But things are progressing I would say ahead of schedule.”

You can contribute to the fundraising campaign for the family here.