Popular Faction Reunites In WWE As TNA Stars Invade

WWE logo over blurred Wes Lee

The most recent edition of WWE NXT saw a very unexpected reunion for one popular faction.

Wes Lee has had a tough week as he failed to recapture the North American Championship from Oba Femi at Heatwave. On the 9th of July edition of NXT, Wes Lee was questioning his future once again after his latest setback but thankfully help was on hand from two old friends.

TNA stars The Rascalz Trey Miguel and Zachary Wentz appeared to instil some badly needed confidence in their old teammate. Wentz told Lee that he was the greatest North American Champion while Miguel referenced Wentz’s time in NXT as he said Wentz and Lee were the greatest tag team ever in NXT.

The Rascalz Reunite In WWE

Then known as Desmond Xavier, Wes Lee was a part of The Rascalz alongside Trey Miguel and Zachary Wentz during their time together in TNA.

In 2021, Wentz and Lee joined WWE with Wentz taking on the name Nash Carter. Together they were known as MSK and they won the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic in 2021 before winning the NXT Tag Team Championship on two occasions.

Zachary Wentz was fired by WWE after domestic abuse allegations surfaced alongside an old photo of the star apparently doing an impression of Hitler. Wentz rejoined TNA shortly after, reuniting with Trey Miguel and reforming The Rascalz.

The group may have found their newest rivals on NXT as they were confronted by Gallus later in the show who made clear they didn’t want any TNA stars appearing on the show.