Pete Dunne Shares Video Explaining WWE Name Change

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The name Pete Dunne is officially back and a video was released explaining why the change was made on WWE SmackDown.

Pete Dunne is back in WWE. On WWE Smackdown In Atlanta, the company had advertised a tag team match with Pretty Deadly’s Kit Wilson & Elton Prince facing Tyler Bate & Butch in a tag team match.

When the introductions for the match took place, Bate was introduced first and then he was joined by the Bruiserweight, Pete Dunne. That means the Butch name is no longer associated with Dunne, who was called up in March 2022 and given the name of Butch even though WWE fans knew him as Pete Dunne for about five years before that.

The match on Smackdown saw Dunne & Bate get the win over Pretty Deadly with Dunne getting the win with his Bitter End slam that he uses for a finishing move. The Butch name change to Dunne was teased heavily one week prior on Smackdown as well.

Pete Dunne Puts An End To The Name “Butch”

On social media, Dunne posted a video of himself talking to his good friend Tyler Bate on the ring apron. They spoke about how far they have come in their careers. Dunne seemed content to team up just once, but Bate convinced him that they could be great together.

Bate told Dunne that they had big expectations. Bate said that he knows who he is, but he wondered who is Butch? Bate told Dunne that he is so much more than that and he knows it.

That’s when Dunne said that this nickname Butch has got to go. Dunne said he is the Bruiserweight and he is Pete Dunne. They said it was their time and they said they would show the WWE Universe what they are made of. Bate said no more Butch because that’s Pete Dunne, the Bruiserweight.