Paul Wight Says “CM Punk Brings Star Power” To AEW

Paul Wight CM Punk

Paul Wight is a firm believer that CM Punk has his place in AEW.

Punk has become a divisive topic amongst wrestling fans following the infamous events that have been reported since the former World Champion returned on the debut episode of Collision and in the weeks following.

Wight has known Punk for a number of years and believes that Punk is just misunderstood. Speaking with DAZN, The World’s Largest Athlete stated that Punk is very passionate about wrestling and that some may have misinterpreted his feelings and desire to truly be The Best in the World:

“[CM Punk brings] star power. A lot of people may not like Phil’s attitude. I’ve known Phil for a long time. We’ve been friends for a long time. Phil is super competitive and super driven. He expects a lot from himself, and he expects a lot from others around him. I think a lot [of what happened] in the beginning here is just a communication breakdown. People might not understand how passionate Phil is. Phil is a guy that’s going to let you know if he’s upset about something, and he’s not really going to give a crap if he hurts your feelings. He’s never been that way with me. If I’ve screwed up and done something, he’s letting me know right away, ‘What [were you] thinking?’ and it goes back and forth.

Is Paul Wight Still Wrestling?

Known as The Big Show in WWE for over 2 decades, Wight would sign with All Elite Wrestling in February 2021. Not happy with how he was being utilised in WWE, the former World Champion still wanted to wrestle and was not happy with being put on a legends deal. Wight would have his debut match for the company at All Out 2021, defeating Q.T. Marshall in just over 3 minutes. At the time of writing, WIght has competed in 4 matches for the promotion.

With All In on the horizon, Wight has addressed his status for the event.

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