Paul Wight Reveals How Much Food He Used To Eat

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Paul Wight is one of the largest men to ever compete inside a wrestling ring and now the former Big Show has shared just how much food he consumed to dominate WCW and WWE.

Since debuting in WCW in 1995 as The Giant, Paul Wight has been an intimidating image towering over competitors.

After feuds with Hulk Hogan and after flirting in and out of the New World Order, Wight decided to move across to WWE in 1999 and become one of the company’s biggest Superstars for over 20 years before signing with AEW in 2021.

During his legendary career, Wight was often billed as weighing up to 500 pounds, and thanks to a recent interview, fans can gain an idea of what it took for the WWE Grand Slam Champion to live up to his Giant status.

The former WWE Champion was a guest on TalkSport in the UK to promote AEW All In and shared amazing insight into his diet and calorie intake.

“How much was I eating? Two or three deep-fried little people. No. It’s always a terrible joke. Probably my calorie intake back in the day, but understand it’s a lot of empty, bad calories because I used to just eat whatever I wanted in massive amounts.

So I’d probably say somewhere around 13 to 18 thousand calories a day. You’d get Big Macs, I’d get three, four Big Macs, and I’d get fries and I’d get a shake and get apple pies and probably a fish sandwich in there too. It was nothing to go to Taco Bell and get like 20 tacos.

You can do that when you’re younger, and you’re still gonna be big, but as you get older, you realize, ‘Ah, well, I can’t really eat like that anymore.’

Now I kind of feel like I eat like a mouse. I have about ten ounces of protein, I have a small portion of carbs and [vegetables], try to eat halfway decent,”

BS now stands for Better Shape according to Paul Wight

After arriving in AEW, Paul Wight wore a t-shirt that read “No More BS” as a reference to his frustration toward the end of his time working as The Big Show in WWE.

During the TalkSport interview, Wight expressed his desire to help AEW talent and encourage the next generation of stars. This includes helping them be in “better shape” than when they walk through the door.

“That’s what it is at this stage of the game for me is having fun, trying to pass some of that knowledge down to some of the younger generations and inspiring confidence and passion in them.

That’s one thing you want to do. A lot of people say they love the business, but if you truly move anything, you give back, and you want the business to be better.

Better shape, better trained talent, better thinking talent, than when you came in.”

Paul Wight spent time in London to help promote AEW’s first ever UK event All In which will take place on Sunday 27th August in front of nearly 80,000 fans inside Wembley Stadium.

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