Paul London On Turning Down Unflattering AEW Offer

Paul London & Brian Kendrick

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Paul London has discussed his opinion on the current producers in AEW after he applied for a similar role, and also commented on the company’s unflattering offer to compete.

With over two decades of experience under his belt, Paul London is most well known for his time with WWE where he is a multi-time Tag Team Champion alongside the likes of Brian Kendrick and Billy Kidman.

In a discussion with fellow former WWE superstar René Duprée on his Café De René podcast, London claimed that he doesn’t feel the agents in AEW are doing anything and that he was rejected when he offered himself for the role.

What a lot of people don’t know is that last year, there had been like some very loose discussions between myself and that company [AEW], not Ring of Honor and it was more so like, ‘Hey, I would like to help if there’s a way for me to help from a coaching standpoint or a producing standpoint.

You know, I feel I have a lot offer’ and you know, without outright saying, ‘Hey, this doesn’t make any sense’ and, ‘Hey look, this is really bad’ and, ‘Hey look, this is pretty unwatchable,’ there was more so, ‘How can I help you guys kind of sharpen some of these things up a bit?’ Because I had done that at Lucha Underground and I really excelled at it, I really enjoyed it, you know?

I was part of that writing team, even though I wasn’t officially a writer there. I was part of the creative discussions and things of that nature and really enjoyed it and really excelled and it was probably the most fun I ever had in wrestling was my time in Lucha Underground.

So I was hoping, hey, you know, maybe there’s a need for something like that and was shut down like immediately. Like, ‘No, no, no. We’ve got enough coaches, got enough agents.’ It’s like, really? I don’t think they’re doing their job [London laughed]. I don’t think they’re doing anything. Really? Okay, that’s surprising…

Paul London went on to be critical of AEW’s handling of Brian Kendrick following his WWE departure, whilst also saying that their offer for him to appear was not very flattering.

It’s one thing to offer me a ‘look’ on their YouTube show which I can’t say was very flattering and then for Brian [Kendrick] to be released one day and then get put immediately on TV and then that whole thing blew up in their face, you know, because they didn’t vet somebody properly, was like, ah, well, you know, ah, good luck [London laughed]. Good luck.

Paul London and Brian Kendrick’s single WWE Tag Team Championship reign began at Judgment Day 2006 when they defeated MNM, and would hold the belts for almost a year before losing them to Deuce & Domino.

With thanks to POST Wrestling for the transcription.