Paul London Blasts Matt Hardy For Not Visiting Injured WWE Star

Paul London & Brian Kendrick

Paul London has been extremely critical of Matt Hardy not visiting an opponent in hospital after a match went horribly wrong.

It was at Armageddon in 2006 when Paul London and Brian Kendrick put their Tag Team Championships on the line against The Hardy Boys, MNM, and William Regal and Dave Taylor. However, the match is mostly remembered for the spot which left Joey Mercury needing over 30 stitches, and suffering a broken nose and orbital bone.

In a discussion with Nick Hausman for Inside The Ropes, Paul London has recalled not knowing that the spot was happening, so didn’t expect to see so much blood when he looked over and saw Mercury.

So we literally had no idea that this backyard seesaw spot was even devised. So when that whole thing happened, and there’s this big kind of eight person, we’re all down and I think we’re on the floor outside everything and I’m starting to kind of get up for you know, to kind of move into the next bit you know, it’s like someone’s missing someone’s missing here. Like what is this? What is what happened?

Literally we had no clue and then you know, I spill over to their side and I see this this pond of blood and it’s like, oh sh*t like what happened?

Continuing on, Paul London blasted the idea of the spot in general, effectively calling The Hardy Boys backyarders with what they wanted to get in to the match.

Let’s try to win the match, so I’ll tell you what we’ll do we’ll set this ladder up you know in the corner on its side and then let’s put another ladder down this way. Yeah, that’ll help us win the match. And then yeah, Jeff will come off and sit on it while you to fight like idiots over this obviously hazardous situation here. And the seesaw will come up and hit you guys in the face, sound good?’

‘Yeah, yeah, sure.’ Ah, that sends Joey off to become Phantom of the Opera…

That’s what I’m saying, we had no idea that Matt — that spot was being put together. That was something they went and put together on their own.

[mocking North Carolina accent] ‘So let’s get our backyard sh*t in because we’re glorified backyarders. So let’s do what we do. We’re in Virginia. We’re in the backyard of North Carolina. Let’s do what we do. This is what we do.

It turned out that Matt Hardy was the only person from the match who didn’t visit Joey Mercury in hospital – something London was extremely critical of.

So, yeah, nonsense, nonsense. And mind you, one of those nonsensical backyarders was the only one — probably the one who came up with the f*cking thing was the only one who didn’t go visit Joey in the hospital afterwards. We all went to see him afterwards. I don’t even care for the guy. But as a fellow coworker, guy in the match, yeah, I’m gonna go check on this dude, because he might lose his eye. I don’t know what the extent of this injury is like, we’re gonna go check on him.

‘Oh, hey Jeff, it’s good to see you, man. Where’s your brother? Anyways?

Paul London and Brian Kendrick held the Tag Team Championships for 331 days – a record which wasn’t surpassed for almost a decade until The New Day’s run in 2016.

H/T Inside The Ropes