Paul Heyman Explains Why Top WWE Star Could Never Join The Bloodline

Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman doesn’t think that John Cena has what it takes to join The Bloodline.

Ahead of the October 10th episode of NXT on which both Paul Heyman and John Cena appeared in the main-event on opposing sides, Paul Heyman have his thoughts about Cena as a person and as a wrestler in an interview with Sports Illustrated.

According to Heyman, there are two reasons why John Cena would never be in the Bloodline. First, Cena is such a morally righteous person that he would never abandon his principles to join the stable.

“John Cena is so comfortable in his righteousness that he would never be able to live with himself knowing the compromise of conscience that would be necessary to be a full-fledged member of The Bloodline.”

Paul Heyman thinks that John Cena wouldn’t be the focal point if he joined The Bloodline

Second, Cena thinks so highly of himself that he wouldn’t be able to accept being secondary to anyone. And if he were to theoretically join The Bloodline then he would be secondary to Roman Reigns and possibly even behind Solo Sikoa or others in the group.

“Besides that, he is a highly intelligent and savvy self-promoter. Cena could never accept that, in The Bloodline, he’d be number two behind Roman Reigns, if not number three behind Roman Reigns and Solo–if not number four behind Roman Reigns, Solo, and Jimmy Uso–if not number five behind Roman Reigns, Solo, Jimmy Uso, and Paul Heyman.

Cena is an enormous attraction. He’s also smart. He knows he’ll always be positioned as number-one on the marquee against us, but never with us.”