Paul Heyman Sends Roman Reigns Message After Shock Bloodline Split

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Paul Heyman has pledged his allegiance to Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns’ loss to Cody Rhodes was always going to have an impact on The Bloodline. But no one expected the chaos to begin quite so quickly.

On the April 12th episode of SmackDown, Solo Sikoa appeared to make his play for leadership of the group, as the debuting Tama Tonga joined him as they attacked Jimmy Uso. Sikoa and Tonga later told Heyman that the assault had come on the orders of “The Tribal Chief,” although the Wise Man was unsure what that exactly meant.

In a new post tucked away on his Instagram Stories, Paul Heyman made it known in no uncertain terms that he remains loyal to Roman Reigns, despite what went down on SmackDown.

The Rock vs. Roman Reigns Off The Table?

As the battle for Bloodline supremacy seemingly gets underway, it’s unclear what that means for The Rock. While a showdown between The Final Boss and The Tribal Chief appeared almost inevitable, it’s now been reported by Dave Meltzer that The Rock is eyeing a clash with Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 41.

“Originally he wanted to come back and work with Reigns, but obviously based on everything that went down, the singles title match with Rhodes is the bigger match right now.

As things stand right now, he may work a match later this year but that is not a lock. He would prefer to work with Rhodes in the main event of next year’s Mania, and as we’ve seen, he is generally going to get what he wants…”

There’s currently no word on when The Rock will return to the ring, although he’s widely expected to wrestle again.