Paul Heyman Reacts To People Thinking Cody Rhodes Should Have Beat Roman Reigns

Paul Heyman Roman Reigns

Paul Heyman took up his role as “the wise man” to hit back at fans upset that Cody Rhodes didn’t beat Roman Reigns at WrestleMania.

For most fans, the story and build made perfect sense: Roman Reigns had beaten everyone with even the slightest shred of credibility, with the exception of Cody Rhodes.

To them, Cody was the perfect choice as the man to end Roman’s reign. He was the ultimate sympathetic babyface going up against the unstoppable juggernaut. And even though Roman’s reign was and is impressive, many fans felt and believed that the timing was perfect for a title change.

So when Roman won, many fans reacted with anger, frustration, and disbelief. Perhaps anticipating some sort of backlash, Paul Heyman spoke with Ariel Helwani shortly afterwards about these fan sentiments and explained why those negative reactions may have been misplaced.

“We’ll be hearing this all summer long, won’t we? ‘Oh, it’s perfect. The stars are aligned. Here it is. It has to happen now.’

We’ve been hearing this the whole time. I was hearing this two years ago. I heard it last summer at SummerSlam with Brock. I heard it at the Royal Rumble With Kevin Owens. I certainly heard it in Montreal with Sami. I did hear it in Cardiff as well with Drew McIntyre.

I heard it two SummerSlams ago with John Cena. ‘Oh, This is where John Cena gets number 17. Oh, wouldn’t it be perfect if he beats Roman Reigns for it? Oh my God, this is it. John Cena becomes the most decorated heavyweight champion of all time. Perfect. Everything’s in line for it.’

Of course it’s in line for it. That’s how you make a challenger. If the challenger is like, ‘Well, I guess this would be okay’, well, nobody’s gonna buy that. ‘Oh, this is it. It’s perfect. It has to happen now.’ That’s the promotional business.”

Cody Rhodes tried to get a rematch the following night on RAW but Paul Heyman – representing Roman Reigns – said no. instead, a tag team match was proposed and Cody was supposed to team with Brock Lesnar against Reigns and Solo Sikoa. But that never panned out as Lesnar attacked Cody on RAW to turn heel.

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