Paul Heyman Addresses Claims That The Bloodline “Is Finished”

Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman has given the WWE Universe an update on the status of The Bloodline.

The once-united group looked as if they would reign over WWE for years to come. However, with Jey Uso stating that he has quit the group, Jimmy Uso appearing to be conflicted and Solo Sikoa showing slight signs of rebellion, is Roman’s empire on the verge of collapse.

The Wise Man Paul Heyman was asked if The Bloodline is now finished while appearing on The Bump. Heyman responded by saying that any doubts that people have will be erased when The Tribal Chief makes his return:

“Okay, The Bloodline is finished. Let’s see who main events WrestleMania 40, do you think it is going to be a Bloodline member? Do you think it won’t be Roman Reigns? Do you think The Bloodline is finished? Okay, believe that for yourself, and then we will see where we are when Roman Reigns decides to appear on television.”

In regards to the status of Jimmy Uso, Heyman believes that the brotherly bond will be enough to coax the undecided Uso to eventually return to the group:

“There’s still lots for Jimmy. His younger brother Solo is still with us. His younger brother Solo is still within The Bloodline, still the enforcer, still the sergeant in arms, still the one that will impose our will upon people. If for nothing else, there’s a love of his younger brother, that’s something that’s quite a lure for Jimmy. If for nothing else, forget about materialistic things, forget about the money and the fame and the prestige and the honour and the relevance of it all – there’s the love of his brother Solo.”

Paul Heyman Never Doubted Roman Reigns

When Reigns won the Universal Championship over 3 years ago few expected the reign to last this long and keep going, with there being multiple occasions where a dethroning looked to be inevitable. Living up to his title of The Wise Man, Heyman always knew that this would be the case.

H/t to SportsKeeda