WWE Raw’s Pat McAfee Warned By Wyatt Sicks

Pat McAfee

A warning has been issued to WWE Raw announcer Pat McAfee and it could be coming from the ominous Wyatt Sicks group.

At the conclusion of WWE Raw on June 17th, the new group known as the Wyatt Sicks made their official debut as a group. It’s a group featuring Bo Dallas as Uncle Howdy along with Erick Rowan, Dexter Lumis & Joe Gacy wearing scary costumes while Nikki Cross is also a part of it with some scary makeup.

The group left a path of destruction in the backstage area on Raw that included leaving Chad Gable in a bloody heap on the floor. Others beaten up were not prominent figures, but the message was clear that this group could cause a lot of devastation in the future.

Pat McAfee is a color commentator on WWE Monday Night Raw with Michael Cole. Pat also hosts a weekday sports show on ESPN/YouTube that is very popular. During the June 20th edition of The Pat McAfee Show, McAfee interviewed author and former Navy SEAL Sniper Jack Carr. As the interview was going on, there was commotion off-camera. Everybody in the room wondered what was happening while Carr questioned the security in the building. That’s when the cameras abruptly shut off.

When fans saw what happened, they immediately thought of the Wyatt Sicks group because of the noises made and how the screen shut off in a similar fashion.

Before the June 21st edition of his show, McAfee denied the Wyatt Sicks being involved in what happened. McAfee would go on to share so-called “security footage” of a drone that went into his studio while sending an EMP to shut off the cameras. The drone was taken down by Jack Carr while the video ended with a plug for Carr’s new book.

Pat McAfee Receives Ominous Message During Sports Show

The Friday, June 21st episode of the Pat McAfee Show went on as planned until the finish. At the end of the broadcast, there was an interruption with the words “YOU LIED” shown on a blue screen right before the show ended. It was a visual similar to Wyatt Sicks interruptions over the last few months.

It’s worth noting also that the Monday, June 24th edition of Raw is taking place in Indianapolis, which is where McAfee lives and does his show. Michael Cole said on Raw last week that he would be there. It’s also possible that the Wyatt Sicks could be a part of it as well.