Pat McAfee Comments On SmackDown Return

Pat McAfee WWE SmackDown

Pat McAfee shares his thoughts after sharing the ring with The Rock on SmackDown.

Pat McAfee returned to SmackDown in Denver, Colorado but a bigger surprise was to come as The Rock returned to WWE television receiving a huge ovation. The Rock and McAfee were joined in the ring by Austin Theory who ended up on the wrong end of a People’s Elbow and a Punter’s Elbow as McAfee and The Rock laid him out.

Speaking in a SmackDown Exclusive, Pat McAfee explained how the chance for him to appear on the show came together:

“It was an absolute honor. I got the incredible opportunity to come to a SmackDown because the show that I do every single Saturday, College GameDay, is in Boulder, which is up the road. 45-minute drive down here, hopped in a bus, I showered in the bus to get here. As soon as I heard there was an opportunity to do something, I literally sprinted back.”

McAfee and Theory have history with the NFL Pro Bowler defeating the former US Champion at WrestleMania 38. Reflecting on sharing the ring with Theory again as well as The Rock, McAfee admitted he was living a dream:

“That bum, Austin Theory. I was in the ring with him again. He looked good, rocking a black tank top. He does look fantastic. It’s just the inside of him that’s terrible. You can’t really change that.

“But yeah, The Rock and I had a chance to chat earlier today on my show. He was electrifying, and then tonight, to get to be in the ring, I got to see all of it happen. His spinebuster, the People’s Elbow, the eyebrow raise, the ‘It doesn’t matter,’ him starting a ‘You are an asshole’ chant. I was in there for the whole thing.

“The WWE, my entire life, has been a dream destination. Everything that I’ve been able to do here, I’m incredibly lucky for and thankful for, grateful for it. I try to enjoy it. I definitely did that tonight. It’s a dream being back for sure.”

Will Pat McAfee commentate for WWE again?

Pat McAfee addressed his own position in WWE as he paid tribute to his former broadcast partner Michael Cole, someone he says he is confident that he will work with again:

“I love it. He always has to be the buttoned-up guy, doing the play-by-play, which he is the greatest of all time, bar none. I understand there’s a conversation for some other people, but they haven’t been paying attention close enough.

“What Michael Cole has done throughout his career at the WWE is second to none. But now he’s got a little attitude, a little spice, a little personality. He looks unbelievable. I’m incredibly lucky that I got to work with Michael Cole, and I am still very confident that it will happen again.”

Pat McAfee was with The Rock backstage on SmackDown when The People’s Champion came face-to-face with his old rival and WrestleMania opponent, John Cena.

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